Leisure parks

Leisure parks in the vicinity

  • The great challenge
  • Atlantic Toboggan
  • O’Gliss Park and O’Fun Park
  • Le Puy Du Fou
  • The Museums
  • Vendée Miniature

Whether it is a dive into the history of the Vendée in Puy du Fou where the cinescenium will take you through history, to the Talmont Castle one of the oldest castles in France or at the Bourrine du Bois JuquaudYou will discover the ancient history of the Vendée as you go along, a testimony to life in the marsh at the beginning of the century.

Awaken your curiosity about traditions by visiting the Moulin de Rairé, the “Moulin des Gourmands” where flour is still made in the old fashioned way for an exceptional quality. Take a walk through the salt marshes and see how the Vendée salt makers produce a salt of unique purity and taste. Escape to the enchanting sites of the typical Vendée.

To get away from it all and admire the typical scenery of this region, you can count on hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths connecting the different points of the coastline and crossing beautiful corners. You can also take advantage of the numerous summer shuttles to travel through our countryside to the beaches. Enjoy all the sights of the region.

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