Discover Saint Hilaire de Riez

Saint Hilaire de Riez is the most extensive Atlantic coastline in the Vendée. It has a varied and surprising landscape along its 13 kilometers of coastline.

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The Corniche

Need a breath of fresh air in the Vendée? The Corniche Vendéenne in Saint Hilaire de Riez, on the Côte de Lumière, offers you a show not to be missed under any pretext. For about three kilometers, from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie to the district of Sion, you can walk along the shore of the former island of Rié. This island has disappeared little by little covered by the accumulation of marine deposits that have filled the sea arm that separated the continent from the island. The rocks have been sculpted by the movements of the sea, offering to the eyes of the spectators a tortured and beautiful landscape.

The place is classified since 1926. In 2019, the project of reclaiming the coastline was born, consisting of a reorganization of the flow of walkers in order to protect and make the local flora flourish.

Good to know: Vendée tourism has ranked the Corniche Vendéenne of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez in the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the department

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The beaches

Its fine sandy beaches welcome you for moments of games, walks, sports or idleness. Its rocky coasts will bewitch you with their unique reliefs, you will discover many passages and among them the famous “Trou du Diable” offering you a unique perspective. Then the 5 pineaux, these rocks that seem to be planted in the sea and which offer shelters for sea birds.

marshes saint hilaire de riez

Forests and marshes

Visit also the marshes and their salt production. These marshes extend over 4500 hectares from Croix de Vie to Barrage des Vallées and from Saint Hilaire de Riez to Fenouiller. The salt marshes of life are a picturesque discovery in the heart of the marshes; by observing them working you will understand the work of the salt workers who perpetuate this tradition since the 17th century.

Don’t miss the chance to relax and enjoy the 600 hectares of forest planted with various species that will provide you with shade and coolness during your summer walks.

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