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The rocky coast of Saint Hilaire offers superb views as well as its 10 km of beaches, the longest beach coastline in the Atlantic. There are many activities related to the ocean such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing but also diving, swimming and many others depending on your desires. You can be curious in its typical districts, its museum of the Bourrine du Bois Juquaud, its salt marshes and other surprising corners. By visiting these salt marshes, you will learn about the great tradition of the salt makers and taste with delight the result of their work.

Saint gilles croix de vie


Its marina will amaze you by its size and its hundreds of boats moored, its typical streets with their endemic houses, some of which are still to be visited like the fisherman’s house, will plunge you into another era and its Chouans traditions. If you are an amateur, its fishing port, famous for its sardines known throughout France, will give you the satisfaction of a good moment of oceanic calm and a good meal in perspective. You will find in its local stores the Vendée specialities to taste or to keep as a souvenir. The local summer festivals, the large beach and its embankment, the superb coastline, all its charms will be revealed to you during your walks alone, with your family or with your friends.

Challans in Vendée


During the week of 4 Thursdays, dive into the history of the maraichins through numerous shows and activities told in maraichin patois and revealing the journey of this endemic population. You can also taste in Challans the biggest specialty of the city known in all the hexagon, the duck of Challans.

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